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                                                                            At The Whitchurch Church of England Federation, our intent is to give                                                                              children: ​


  •                                                                      *An imaginative and stimulating curriculum that supports the                                                                                      children's progressive development of knowledge, understanding                                                                              and skills within R.E. 

  •                                                                      *Provide opportunities to engage with the reality and diversity of                                                                                religious beliefs in the modern world which also supports wider                                                                                  community cohesion. 


                                                                           We further aim to equip all children with: ​                                                                                                                            *The ability to become critical enquirers into the world of religion 

                                                                            *To ask and answer challenging questions about meaning and                                                                                       purpose and to reflect on their own personal experiences. 








At The Whitchurch Church of England Federation, we seek out opportunities for our                                                      pupils in order for them to enhance their knowledge, skills and experiences of the wider                                                world which will help prepare them for their future successes.   

Some examples of this include: 

  • Visits to a range of different Places of Worship.

  • Speakers from a range of different Religions coming in to speak with the children.                                                   

  • Designated days to celebrate festivals within different Religions, e.g. Easter                                                              services, Diwali day, Eid celebrations, Harvest celebrations.  

  • Having strong links with our church, St. Alkmunds and taking part in services                                                          here, e.g., Nativities, Choir visiting at Christmas.  

  • Raising money for various different charities, and supporting local food banks. 



The skills and knowledge the children use in RE complement those in the rest of the curriculum. These are just some of the ways that RE links to other areas of their study:


In RE, we hope for the children to become thinkers and enquirers, just as we would in Science.


The children use their artistic skills often in RE, from designing places of Worship to creating their own prayer mats.


In both Geography and RE, the children are encouraged to think critically and thoughtfully about the world in which they live.  


Through 1:1 iPad usage, the children research many different religions and practices.


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